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Leave Romania to travel and come to France to live an incredible professional adventure. The job we offer is like no other. If you are talented and motivated, this job offers you the possibility to win a lot of money. Hurry up, there is only one place free!


You like new technologies, computers, luxury, travel and ecology. You would like to get up each morning knowing that the work you are going to do will be useful to the world. You are passionate about the Internet and its many opportunities. You are a serious person, motivated and courageous. We have for you the job you expect. Discover in detail what we propose to you. If you think you are the right person, contact us. We will answer you quickly to know if you are selected for this adventure.

The company

The company you are going to work for is a foundation that wants to improve the world. Its founders are young and realize many projects in start-up mode.

Through various companies, it has exciting activities in various fields: boating (racing boats), sports (surfing and electric cycling), real estate, tourism (travel reservations), organic farming and ecology. You work in a small, successful team, directly under the direction of the founders.

A RIB Wimbi Boats® brand, one of the Group’s brands.

The Job


The job is in France, in Paris.


Advantage; you are lodged by your employer who takes 100% in charge of the expenses of your accommodation (included in the salary). When you come to France, you have no stress to have or approach to find accommodation. And so you do not have to pay any more, nor to pay for anything accommodation during your vacation.

Your futur desk (office) 🙂


The tasks are varied and multiple. The privileged environment is open source. Depending on the case they are to realize (at the beginning) and / or to supervise (growth of the company):

  • Complete development of websites under WordPress (Themes, SQL, CMS, FTP, multilingual …), configurator, emails, referencing, statistics, creation of emails, list mailing, newsletters and Wiki …
  • Small e-commerce site (WooCommerce Module, Amazon Marketplace) and publication on crowdfunding sites.
  • Management and publication of content on social networks (update pages and company accounts); Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter … and blogs
  • Internet advertising (Adwords, Facebook, Youtube …)
  • Management of a dedicated OVH server (Plesk) and sites (DNS, backups …)
  • Management of a tourism interface for reservations (Channel manager, PMS …) and payment (CB, Paypal …), check-in form, customer relations …
  • Small video editing (Final Cut Pro X) for the web (Facebook, Youtube, vimeo …)
  • Image editing (PhotoScape, Adophe Photoshop) and 360°
  • Layout catalogs (Adobe in-design) and advertising (magazine)
  • Development of Iphone / iPad applications and touch sites.
  • Internal configuration mini network and computers (Windows, Mac …) / IP cameras


A powerful equipment will be at your disposal:

Mac with MacOS High Sierra / PC with Windows 10 / Canon EOS / Tablet and Smartphone (Apple & Samsung), GoPro, GoPro, VR 3D glasses, software


For all technical needs that you do not master yet on some programs, e-learning courses will be offered.


Each week, a plan is sent to you for your tasks to be done. You define with higher vote these milestones according to an agenda which will be to respect scrupulously. The time must be well anticipated in order not to be late. Otherwise you will need to work more after the schedule to catch up and finish the weekly assignment plan on time (and keep your calendar bonus).

Calendar and holidays

We think that a person must have a lot of vacation to be happy. But while you work, you focus solely on your work.

You work 10 months a year and benefit from 2 months of vacation. Ideal for you to go on a trip or return to Romania to enjoy your family and friends.

  • 15 days at Christmas
  • 15 days at Easter
  • 30 days in summer (August)

During these holidays, you are free but must remain reachable and available in case of problem (technical watch).

It’s 3 A / R / year between Romania and Paris (company Blue-Air or Tarom).

All tickets are paid by the company (with a maximum of 100 EUR / flight)


5.5 days 7

You work in full-day from Monday to Friday. On Saturday you can finish early if you have finished your tasks and have your free afternoon and Sunday and free to rest and visit Paris and its surroundings. We prefer that you are outdoors to change your mind.

You will have to be behind your screens:

Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 20:00

Saturday from 08:00 to 14:00

Saturday afternoon and Sunday free

Disney, the Palace of Versailles, Paris center or a provincial city, activities to do are many to change your mind during the weekend.


You are declared and registered by a European company (based in Malta).


A contract is signed between you and the company with a trial period of approximately 3 months. At the end of this period, if you have been good, a new contract will be signed.


Your salary is paid directly to your bank account in Romania. The 5th of each month. Accommodation is paid directly by the company as well as airline tickets. For shopping, you have a debit credit card from the company.


The company guarantees a comfortable accommodation (room and / or dormitory with bed and bathroom / toilet). 100% of the transport costs between your home and your office are covered by the company. Currently, another advantage, the accommodation is located on the same site as your workspace.


To prepare your breakfast (7:30), lunch (13:00) and dinner (20:00), you have access to a full kitchen (fridge and hob). With the bank card recharged of 200 EUR / month, exclusively reserved for the races (you will have to keep the tickets) you are free to buy what you wish in the shops located nearby.


A weight machine is available on the site. If you are athletic, 3 times / week you can wake up at 6:30 for a jog or bike ride.


Net salary for you to start: 1500 EUR / month / 10 months / year

(of which each month 200 EUR Bonus, 300 EUR accommodation and 200 EUR for food, which allows you to save up to 1000 EUR / month)



Companies being start-ups, the possibilities of evolution are important. At each recruitment phase, you will be in the best position to become the Recruitment Manager. Evolution of the expected salary from the 2nd year according to the results and new responsibilities then then also to the 3rd year.

Salary N + 2: + 15%

Salary N + 3: + 20%

You will become a Manager and lead a team of developers.

Stock Option: From the 2nd or 3rd year you will be able to receive a share of the company (1000 EUR with a predictable valuation in 4-5 years x 100, ie an action valued at 100,000 EUR).

Marketing and friendly communication of one of our brands.

Your profile


Age: 18 to 30 years old

Personal: Sporty, calm and balanced, non-smoker, consumes no drugs and little alcohol. No children and not married.

Spoken languages :

  • Romanian
  • English (excellent level of writing and good oral level)
  • French (notions appreciated)

Experiences: Whether you are still a student or already working in a company, we are interested in your technical skills and in achieving what you are asked for or your ability to find solutions in communities on the Internet. We accept any type of profile. The most important is your motivation and your ability to work fast and well. The best is to present projects that you have already developed on the internet.

Skills: You must see a good command of the code (html) and be passionate about WordPress where 100% of our sites will be realized and have a global vision of everything that is on the Internet nowadays on social networks, platforms, etc. You must work fast and efficiently. You must be multitasking because you perform many different missions within a day and you can switch from one to another. You must have an ability to learn and train on many topics, software and methodology. You must have the ability to work alone and find the answers via the open source community but also to share your work with a team.

You: You must be a daring person, nothing scares you, you learn quickly and you like new things and if you do not know, you will find the solution after the community on the Internet.

One of our boats during tests with journalists. You will be invited to pilot one.


The benefits of this position are many. But it requires strong skills and know how to work quickly and independently and to be very motivated.

  • You will work in France, near Paris
  • You have a lot of holidays (2 months)
  • 3 A / R by plane Romania-France paid by the company
  • You work on great machines (Mac, PC, Lap-top, tablet, smartphone, watches and connected devices, cameras and camera, virtual reality helmet …)
  • With no on-site fees to pay, you can save, the money you earn is 100% for you and not to pay a fee while you’re abroad
  • No transport and waste of time and fatigue between your office and your room
    Significant possibility of evolution of responsibility and salary
  • Stock option of the company
  • Friendly activity sector and interesting projects
  • Work very varied, you will become a Super Webmaster

The center of Paris


Contact us directly by email: wimbiboats@gmail.com

Send us a CV, your photo, a personalized cover letter (why this post and for you?) And examples of projects you have done (portfolio of sites and / or applications that you have developed alone or in a team).


Start of the mission

Spring / Summer 2018 or September 2018


If you are still a student or a student, this gives you time to get organized to finish your current assignment.

Recruitment phases

  • 1) Send us your complete file to wimbiboats@gmail.com
  • 2) If your application has caught our attention, you will receive a message stating that we wish to continue with you the process or not
  • 3) You answer a questionnaire and exchange by email, if your answers are in line with our philosophy you will be invited to Paris
  • 4) We invite you to a weekend in Paris to meet the founders, visit your place of work and finalize the recruitment (administratively)
  • 5) You return to France for a mission of about 3 months
  • 6) You sign your contract CDI then you will evolve in the company


Be a part of the Adventure or stay on the bench